Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What lights you up?

Over the last few weeks of illness/recuperation and of odd Internet outages, I caught up on some reading, and specifically on The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Funny, I'm still working on her Fire-Starter Sessions, but I got into this one and it really seemed to get to me, especially recently as I pondered some things in my life.

One of the things that she mentioned was the phrase "what lights you up?" and I thought, "YES! What if we really asked ourselves that more often?" I thought about how I would answer....

Music. Oh my gosh, music has lit up my world since I can remember, maybe even longer. I cannot remember a time when there wasn't a radio, a musical instrument, a music book, sheet music, a hymnal, or some form of music available. And if nothing else, I have a brain full of lyrics, songs, memories of music, whatever it takes. I've always sung, always listened to music, always had a deep need to express myself musically. And no matter what style of church I've attended or place of worship, music has always been the essential ministry for me. It is my solace in hard times and my joy in good times.

Writing. Words, my second love. I've been a reader longer than I can recall. Math has confounded me, science intrigued me, but words .... the spoken word, the written word, the word portrayed on stage .... words are powerful, and I don't believe we realize just how deeply they resonate with us. Every favorite piece of movie dialogue. Every beloved poem memorized in childhood. The passage from a novel that has stuck with you since college. Someone's writing has had a deep impact on me, amd I hope that my small contribution has even a fraction of that to someone who may need the words of encouragement, or to be reminded simply that he or she is not alone in their emotion.

Performing Arts. There is nothing like being on stage. Singing or acting, there is something beautiful about taking those words and music and bringing them to life, to infuse them with power to move the soul.

Wow.... notice how all of these seem to link together?

Words and music. Sharing them with the world. In a myriad of ways, these are the things that set my soul ablaze and make me want to transport people to a place where they too may be infused with fire and spirit.

This, my friends...... this is what lights me up. I can tell you a million things I do well but which do not light me up. They do not move my soul. They do not feed my mind and my heart and my spirit -- much like a little bit of peanut butter swiped on a couple of pieces of day-old bread will feed my body but won't be as satisfying as a nice plate (for example) of pasta with homemade tomato sauce with fresh salad, garlic bread, and some Chianti.

Light your soul. ALWAYS. I'm not so sure about the advice of "oh follow your bliss and the money will follow...." No. Not always, but follow your bliss regardless. Even if you never make a dime off it. Are you doing this for profit or because you have to do this or die? Another difference......

Just some things I've been pondering lately.......