Saturday, September 17, 2005

Attention spammers....

First a note to good friends and others who come across my blog: PLEASE comment! I cherish your thoughts, and am sorry that a bunch of azzhat fidiots are ruining the Internet for everyone. Unfortunately, because of those same cretins, I have had to put in a verification step before your comment becomes final. I hate it, but such is life.

Do NOT place comments on my blog to direct people to dating sites, how to make money, or any other "business opportunity."

I have no need for penile enlargement or any other thing dealing with erectile dysfunction. I couldn't care less about seeing hot, horny housewives, or writing for an Eastern European mail order bride. I do not want to be a medical transcriptionist or envelope stuffer from home. I could give forty craps about any other business opportunity.

Do all of us a huge favor -- go far far away from the Internet and do not return.

Grab some tissues and an oxygen mask....

Because you will be laughing SO hard, you'll cry and forget to breathe!!!

Worst Album Covers
This one has some incredibly great commentary, and even after reading it a dozen times, I still crack up! AND he also has a second page (hit "next entry") and a link to yet another site. Really good stuff!

A Whole Slew of 'Em
This is a massive collection of all sorts of album covers. Some are incredibly good (dated, but even now would stand up to any CD cover work of today). Some are just godawful (with appropriate commentary provided). There's admiration for the good covers, and appropriate opposite sentiment for the not-so-good ones. This one is broken down into two main galleries, with probably 10 or 12 sections each, and I'm guessing about 30 covers in each of those sections. MASSIVE collection.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Work hard, play hard!

Work: I love my job. No, REALLY! I love it there! Where else could this happen?

Last Friday night, we had the 1st Annual Poker Tournament. Both the owners are poker fanatics. So they set up a tournament for us. Anyhow, adult beverages were allowed to be brought in to the office, but not opened until the tournament began (about a half-hour after closing). So I stopped at the nearby ABC store to pick up some goods. I was perusing the pre-mixed drinks, when this voice says, "HEY! Get away from that stuff, it's bad for you!" It was my boss. I mean, not just one of the owners, but the one that I work with! Of course, he was picking up his own libations...

Then, I got back with goods in hand, to find the other owner setting up the poker chips and instructions for the evening! His comment? "Special book or no special book, I'm taking all your chips!" (I had mentioned to him that I bought a book to help me prepare....). He was not prepared, however, for the name of the book: The Badass Girl's Guide to Poker (great book, btw). He laughed much about that.

Only at this company could these events happen!

Play: As it turns out, I didn't do too badly. Middle of the pack, with a good run up front. We took a dinner break about an hour into it, and I had a pretty good stack o' chips at that point. My own boss said, "Man, we are seeing a whole different side of YOU this evening!" When I first started there, I was trying hard not to cause too many waves, so people assumed I was quiet, shy, bookish (okay, I'll concede that one!), meek and mild...... did THEY ever get the shock of their lives! (HA HA HA)

I eventually went all-in (pretty much had to, since the blinds had gone WAY up). And lost. Oh well. I stuck around for the end of the tournament, taking pictures and stuff. Lots and lots of fun altogether.

And I think we're having another tournament next month. Heh heh heh........