Saturday, June 03, 2006

Child of the 80s.....

As you noticed on my earlier posts about 70s and 80s one-hit wonders, those are the time frames in music that are very near and dear to my heart.

70s music reminds me of a sunny day in a mostly happy childhood. It takes me back to a time when things were far less complicated and complex, and that was perfectly fine by me. And I'll always love 70s soul and disco. There. I said it. I love disco.

But the 80s ... that's my coming-of-age music. It was that music that took me through those awkward days of junior high, high school, and even into college (where I reverted back to 70s music for some comfort). And I guess for all the 70s compilations I have made for myself, I'm really a child of the 80s.

I put together some songs on my MP3 player for my walking, things that I thought would be rhythmic enough to keep me going and motivating enough to keep me moving.

It is almost overwhelmingly 80s:
  • All Fired Up (Pat Benatar)
  • Authority Song (John Mellencamp)
  • Back in Black (AC/DC)
  • Bitch (Rolling Stones) ... okay, that's 70s.
  • Brand New Lover (Dead or Alive)
  • Cool the Engines (Boston)
  • Deeper & Deeper (The Fixx)
  • Get Rhythm (Rev. Horton Heat) -- okay, a real rarity: a 50s song redone by a 90s artist.
  • Hold on Tight (ELO)
  • I Feel Free (Cream) -- yes, from the 60s. Gotta have Clapton on there in some form!
  • Lights Out (Peter Wolf)
  • Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry) .... true story: at my 10-year reunion, they had a DJ playing 80s songs. No one got on the dance floor until this song came on. So we are disco freaks.
  • Some Like It Hot (Power Station)
  • Train in Vain (Clash)
  • U Got the Look (Prince/Sheena Easton)
  • White Horse (Laid Back)
Yep. 12 of 16 songs -- 75% as 80s music. And I love it. I could have added a few more 80s songs on there, but I didn't want a 2 hour compilation for a short walk.......

Damn, we had some totally bitchin' music then! (heh heh heh)

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Talmadge G. said...

Believe me, your head would swim if you took a gander at what's on MY "TalPod", or as it's actually known, "GleckOla Jukebox".......

As for your selections, get ready - here come the comments:

* All Fired Up (Pat Benatar)
Gotta say it's not my favorite PB song. Don't dislike it, but when put up against, say, "I'm Gonna Follow You", "Promises in the Dark" or "Treat Me Right", it wilts a bit to my ears.

* Authority Song (John Mellencamp)
For the spirit of artist name consistency, I have tagged all his songs as "John Mellencougarcamp" (shamelessly borrowed from a divider in a long-gone Birmingham used record store many moons ago).

The song? Meh. Warmed-over rewording of "I Fought the Law."

* Back in Black (AC/DC)
Yeah. Son Tiger - who has now discovered the magic of Akka-Dakka, Zeppelin and Floyd, among others, would agree.

* Bitch (Rolling Stones) ... okay, that's 70s.
You don't hear me bitching. :-)

* Brand New Lover (Dead or Alive)
One of those "So '80s it could solve its own Rubik's Cube" bands. I like it. Dunno why, but I do.

* Cool the Engines (Boston)
Heard this one on the radio while over in Hot Springs. First time I'd heard it on a medium other than my own playback since ... damn, probably 1986-87! (Little Rock now has a great station - "The Point 94.1" - and it's kicking Clear Channel's teeth in)

* Deeper & Deeper (The Fixx)
Wow. This might be my favorite Fixx song. Best of all, I have the extended version, which appears not on the Streets of Fire soundtrack, but as the B-side of the 45 release of "Are We Ourselves."

I love The Fixx.

* Get Rhythm (Rev. Horton Heat)
An honorable attempt, but The Man In Black gets my nod.

* Hold on Tight (ELO)
Paging Juan Valdez. Light cream, sugar, and make it snappy.

Speaking of, ummm, never mind:
* I Feel Free (Cream)
Good call. I'd consider "Glad" and "Swlabr" worthy competitors.

* Lights Out (Peter Wolf)
The first two seconds of this record catapults me to my first-ever day at Ark. State. New dorm room, and away from M&D for the first time ever. College was gonna be great, I told myself. And you know what? It was.

* Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)
It'll get people on the floor, true enough. But you can like it for me.

* Some Like It Hot (Power Station)
File under "Lord, WHY??": I like their cover of "Bang a Gong" better than this 'un.

* Train in Vain (Clash)
"The classics never die, mon"
-"Rastapiece Theater", HARD CORE TV

* U Got the Look (Prince/Sheena Easton)
After a night in her, ummmm, confectionery orifice, ahem, um, er, ah, anyway .... ohhhh, forget it!

* White Horse (Laid Back)
Very strong memory of one of my first real romances. But I still like the song. With, or without "offending" lyric.

-Talmadge "19 GB worth of non stop music power" Gleck