Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ouch, but worth it.

I bought a "newsed" computer last fall. I needed to because the old one was just dying a slow painful death. It came with a MUCH smaller hard drive than I wanted or expected. But then again, it was a refurb from the county -- they run mostly on servers, and didn't need much HD space.

I, however, do. So I had them take my old 40GB HD and put it in as a backup to the miniscule drive. I was going to store things there. And it worked.

A few weeks ago, I experienced something awful -- I was working in something when BAM! the small HD bugged out on me and immediately my old & larger HD kicked in. The problem? My newer drive ran Windows 2000 -- the old one, Windows 98. So everything would bug out, I'd have to shut everything off and start again. A major PITA, to be certain.

I spoke to our IT guy at work, and he made some recommendations. Told me exactly what to get. So yesterday, I went on my lunch hour and picked up the items needed...... OUCH! I needed a new controller card, a new HD, and some more memory. Little tip: memory is cheap now but is supposed to go up in price soon. Get yours now. And I got a 250GB HD ..... I actually could have lived with a 160 or so. They did not have them. I saw the 500GB and salivated. If they'd had a Terabyte one on display, I would have had a ..... well, I'd have been in heaven. (Yes, I'm a geek, thanks for asking!)

So now it's all installed, running well, and we're all happy at last!

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