Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gleckfest 2008

This weekend, I took a much-needed break to go visit friends, chill out, and forget about everything. And it was lovely!!

Friday, I awoke to a lovely beautiful bright morning! The weather was just right for a late winter morning -- a little crisp, bright and lovely. I packed my bags and headed out around 12:00. Lunch was at a local Cracker Barrel, which was packed as usual but without the expected wait for a table. I had two waitresses, apparently -- the first of whom took my order and brought it out, and the other who followed up on me and filled my drink. Okay..... so I left a tip for both of them.

Then down the road to Savannah I went. It was a fairly uneventful drive, I must say, with one delightful exception...... For weeks now, I have been teased with ads for Diet Dr. Pepper in Cherry Chocolate, only to be sorely disappointed whenever I would try to find it in the stores. I shouldn't be surprised. After all, I've run into the same thing with Diet Pepsi's Jazz: Caramel Cream. But at the Pilot Travel Center in Clinton SC, while filling my tank, I found the Cherry Chocolate DDP. Two words: Oh. My. It was very good. And while I know I can get the same thing at Sonic anytime, it's just nice to have it already prepared so that all you have to do is open the can or bottle.

So delightful drink in hand, down the road I continued. I had just one quick RA stop in Orangeburg, and the time was getting pretty good. I had planned to arrive between 5:30 and 6:00, only I forgot about my congenital defect coming into play .... darn that weighty right foot! No, I didn't get a ticket but I did go faster than I figured I would.

While on the final leg of the journey (down I-95), I noticed a large number of snowbird vehicles -- I counted 9 from Quebec, 5 from Ontario, 1 from Nova Scotia, and several from Pennsylvania and Illinois. I had to laugh. I know it's been a butt-cold winter, and I know that the weather was exceptionally nice this particular weekend. But not warm enough for the beach or the ocean. Trust us on this. April - now that's a different story!

As it was, I crossed into Georgia around 5:00 PM..... only to find that the Welcome Center's restrooms were closed!!! ARRRRGH! I also knew I'd be making a stop at the WallyCenter near the Gleck home, but c'mon...... Alas, the WallyStalls would have to do (and may I congratulate the Middle Effingham WallyCenter on their clean restroom!)

Anyhow, after visiting the Wally and picking up a few items (like toothpaste!), I met up with the Glecks and K/S & The General for a wonderful evening meal. We laughed about the little newspaper and the crime reports -- I swear, I want a subscription to this newspaper JUST for the crime reports.

Saturday was touristy day --- WOO HOO!!!!!! I really do enjoy doing the touristy stuff, and I loved the trolley ride. We ate at Sixpence Pub for lunch, toured the Juliette Gordon Low house, and had a great time. And I screwed up royally ..... yep. I got brave and said I could sit in the back seat on the way to dinner. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And I have kicked myself for it, because dinner was at Johnny Harris.

Johnny Harris' Restaurant is legendary, and with good reason. Oh my God. This is one of my favorite places in the whole world. The food is good (not rah-rah great, but good), but it's the ambience and atmosphere that make the experience. It is a time warp, all to itself. I swear, every time I am there, I fully expect Frankie, Dino, and Sammy to come in and request their usual table. At any rate, the Glecks and the K's (God bless them!) salvaged dinner for me (and to whomever I owe, LET ME KNOW!), and I enjoyed it later, once the swimmy-heads had gone away.

Sunday was a lazy day, in which we treated the K's to the delights of Zaxby's -- the General was most definitely pleased! General, keep coming, and we will treat you to Zaxby's delights over and over again. (Hey, WW or not, sometimes, you just gotta have Zaxby's!) Then we went back to stately Gleck Manor and watched "Kingpin" -- a film I could watch over and over and over. Later on, we went to Carey Hilliard's for dinner. Carey Hilliard's is another Savannah legendary place (okay, chain, as the case is). It's good seafood and barbecue. Hey, you're in the South, barbecue is an art form. The K's left Sunday evening in order to get a headstart on the trip back, and I stayed over one extra night.

Come Monday, sadly, the time drew to an end.......

Hey, remember the excitement I felt about the Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper? Guess what I discovered Friday in the Middle Effingham Wally World? Yep -- not only DCCDP, but the awesome Caramel Cream Jazz Diet Pepsi. So Monday morning, on the way back home, I stopped and got myself some. Yum, yum, yum!!!! The road beckoned, and I made it home in really good time (including an unplanned breakfast stop). Note: Cracker Barrel's oatmeal is a good, filling breakfast, and low in points if you get it with the fruit toppings (or the sugar-free syrup).

I arrived home around 12:30, relaxed and happy, and so glad for the wonderful friendship and times we shared! I can't wait for more good times to come!


Talmadge G. said...

It was too quick a weekend, wasn't it?

Next time you come down, we'll Do The Time Warp Again ... only this time, YOU'RE SITTING IN THE FRONT SEAT.

And thank you many times over for the friendship and enjoyable times you never fail to bring us.

PS - Did I mention you're sitting in the front seat from now on? :-)

Kate/Susan said...

I third Talmadge's first and second on you sitting in the front. :-)

It was so great to see you again after so long. We definitely have to do it some more.