Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Did you know....

that painting walls burns some serious calories? Yep! It sure does!

For someone at my weight and for the time I painted today (roughly one hour), I burned around 400 calories, at least according to the online calorie-burning-calculator I consulted. Two words: Believe it. Okay, technically one site said 407 calories per hour. Another said it was 384 calories per hour. Yet another said it was only 235 calories per hour (to which I say "Oscar Meyer baloney!") Still, another says 389 per hour. So I can deal with saying 400 and leaving well enough alone!

I painted a little last Wednesday, and mentioned to one of my fellow choir members what I had done. Gary said, "You are gonna hurt tomorrow in places you never imagined." He was right -- I woke up Christmas morning wondering how in the world my calves could be that sore! I had used my arms, not my legs...... Today, it didn't hurt my arms as badly, nor did I hold the roller handle with a Vulcan death grip (I was actually able to use a pen this afternoon, unlike last week). Tomorrow morning may be a different story.

So now I have one paint-splattered pair of jeans, a thin stream on my sneakers (or, as we say in my neck of the woods, "tenny shoes"), and one hopelessly splattered shirt (but that's why I wore it!). And I have a great feeling of accomplishment! Oh, and we have very pretty walls now too!

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Melissa said...

painting is fun...mostly....I love making the room look differnt! I don't have a lot of patience for the detail work of painting a room though! I want it done. It's for that reason that I have purple paint on the ceiling in my living room...too lazy to tape!