Monday, May 18, 2009

iThink iMay have to cross over....

and become a(n i)Pod person.

I am pretty dang upset right now with Best Buy. I bought one of their branded MP3 players a couple of years back. It still works great, I'm very happy with it, and there's no real reason to trade it in for a different model. A couple of Sundays ago, I went to Best Buy to get a BB Digital Music Store download cards, just as I have done ever since I bought this model. And I went to get a new armband for it, as I have misplaced the one that came with it.

Only I have discovered....
1. "Oh we don't sell those cards anymore because we stopped partnering with Rhapsody. But we have Napster now, or you can get an iTunes card......."

Okay, back the bus up. I got on Rhapsody because of the cards, and I have grown to like the service. But I am NOT willing to pay per download outside of using the card. I got a discount that way, and using the card also gave me another level of control ..... so that I didn't rack up a $40 download bill that goes straight to my debit card. No, I like the idea of asking myself if I really need that, and do I have enough credits left on the card to make it worth my while.

I'm not switching to Napster. But I went ahead and got the iTunes card. Only I can't transfer any of the songs I've downloaded to this MP3 player as a sync. No, I'll have to burn them to a CD and then do a sync-up that way. I have not only been screwed by Best Buy, but Apple as well because I don't have one of THEIR products.

I didn't want an iPod. I never did. But......

2. "Oh, wow, an armband.... Gee. Did you look over here?" (Yes, numbskull. If I could have found it, I wouldn't be coming to you for help.)

Wow. Guess what? They don't sell things for those "old" products anymore.

I am done. Done. DONE. As much as I don't want to, I fear I have no alternative but to switch instead of fight.

I hate Big Box.


Talmadge Gleck said...

We're getting an H.H. Gregg pretty soon, which means Big Box will be getting itself some competition again. Dunno how HHG is (do you have one up there?), but I'm looking forward to finding out.

I have an iPod Nano (8-gig, blue) I bought after Christmas, a shuttle for my OTR and AT40 shows. I'm mixed on Apple, truth be told. The iTunes is a pretty good interface, but what I don't like is having to manually add stuff to the library so the program can "see" the new adds.

The other player - a 2006-vintage Creative Zen Vision:M (30 GB) which holds all my music collection - is most certainly a dinosaur in anyone's eyes. But I still love it.

When the Zen finally gives out, I'm still in the air on which way to go -- an iPod classic, or hold out for a 32-GB Nano (it'll eventually happen).

Microsoft Zune is **NOT** an option, no way, no how, no f-bomb'ing doubt.

I'm thinking maybe The Big Wally might have stuff for the older MP3 players? Might not hurt to check.

The House of Newton said...

Jason has found several MP3 players for $14.99 at w/ free shipping. He buys the sandisk brand and both boys use them. Jason has to load the music but it must be easy because they say Daddy I want this song from the CD and he plugs the MP3 player into his computer and uploads it to the device just like saving to a memory stick.
When you purchase something from you get on their daily deals email. Thats were all the really good stuff is. I got a bluetooth for my phone for 9.99 and free shipping.
Hope this helps