Sunday, November 07, 2010

Very strange thing this weekend....

I had gotten an e-mail about becoming part of a lymphedema network registry to stay on top of the latest news, hear opportunities for research, etc. I went to their site, signed up, and am looking forward to hearing more about their work.

The timing was especially strange and yet very timely. For the first time that I can remember since my treatment started, I am having some difficulty. It's not something that's affecting my daily life, but it's something I haven't before experienced. I feel as though I am really retaining fluid, and I especially feel it in my left foot and toes. My left leg is the one that was worse than my right leg, and so is probably a little more sensitive to the changes.

From my viewpoint, it doesn't look as if I'm retaining fluid, at least not to a great degree. But the foot feels tight, the legs feel heavier than usual, and even my fingers and hands feel puffy. Earlier this year, I did have about a week where my hands felt the puffiness worse than any other place, but I'd also not been watching my sodium (and had apparently overindulged). The only thing I can think of is that earlier in the week, my foot had hurt as I was doing some calf lifts. So I attributed the soreness and the aches to that. Now, I don't know........ might it have something to do with the lymphatic system instead?

But rather than focus on the why's, I need to focus on what I can do........ keep exercising, watch my sodium intake, breathe deeply, and move forward.


BY THE WAY.......... if you are in Upstate SC, the 2nd meeting of Upstate Monarchs is this Tuesday, November 9 at 5:30 PM at Earth Fare in Greenville (Pelham Road). Upstate Monarchs is a new lymphedema support group, helping us learn to live with lymphedema. If you or someone you know has lymphedema, please come join us!!

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