Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Away, Grim Reaper!

Yesterday I found out that a coworker had lost a family member. That makes four ... yes, FOUR ... coworkers who have lost a loved one in about as many weeks. A dad, a mom, a brother, a grandparent. And then another coworker remarked that a former coworker had lost her 20-something-year-old son, very unexpectedly.

One of my retreat team sisters lost her son this week after a battle with cancer. My last great-aunt on my father's side passed away this week; her funeral was today, but I couldn't go. And of course, we have all been made painfully aware of the fragility of life with the tragedy in Arizona last weekend.

I found out yesterday that a friend's father has taken a turn for the worse after a surgery. Another online friend is battling cancer and thanking God that she woke up today and drew breath, because it didn't look so hot the last few days.

Seriously -- can Death not just take a one-day holiday? Honestly?

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