Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being Blanche DuBois

"I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers." -- Blanche DuBois, A Streetcar Named Desire

After the last couple of days, I have come to realize that I could not be Blanche DuBois. Well, that goes for a lot of facets of her story, but especially in being reliant upon the kindness of strangers.

There's a birth order joke about t-shirts for those of us who are not only oldest, but practically "only" because of the gap between siblings. For us, our tee shirt is "Leave me alone, I'll do it myself." Very apropos for me.

I say all that because this week, I was forced to depend upon the kindness of others -- not necessarily strangers, but just others. My car was in the shop for an extended time. Like most Americans, it isn't the flag or the Constitution or any of that which best symbolizes our independence and freedom. Our vehicles are just that, the path to freedom and independence. As long as we have our wheels, the world is ours. No wheels and we are crippled.

Tomorrow, things get back to a routine schedule. And as much as I relish the idea of being a total free spirit, the truth is that I need "flexible restraint" in everything..... and my wheels. I need my wheels! :)

No, I shan't be Blanche DuBois.

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