Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farmer Nettie is alive....

In my whole life, I have never had much interest in dirt, seeds, plants, flowers, anything connected to the art and science of gardening. My dad has always done some type of gardening -- both food and floral, though mostly shrubbery. My parents aren't the type to grow prize-winning roses or dahlias or irises or any of the sort, but they do have nice azaleas and tulips. Tulips have a certain appeal to me: plant the bulb, water occasionally, there ya go.

But lately, I have been totally overcome by gardening, veggies and herbs, and even (gasp) a couple of berry plants. It all started so innocently with a mini-tomato greenhouse, followed by grow-your-own strawberries and GYO sweet peppers (all from seed). And then........

It's a long story but here's what I have right now:
* Tomatoes (from seed)
* Eggplant (from seed)
* 3 types of bell pepper: one orange (from plant), one "rainbow" (from seeds), one sweet pepper (from seeds).... okay, really, one and a half. One was a large pot, one a teensy pot
* Broccoli (from seed)
* Mesclun (mixed salad greens; from seed)
* Small Pumpkins (from seed)
* Zucchini (from plant)
* Cucumber (from plant)
* Strawberry (plant; the seeds still have not germinated and after nearly 4 weeks, I doubt they will)
* Blueberry (purchased a bush)

Herbs..... I have
* Rosemary (trying from seed and one plant - seeds are not doing too well; plant is good!)
* Lavender (from seed and one plant -- I swear, the seeds only started going when I brought the live plant home)
* Sage (plant)
* German chamomile (plant)
* Oregano (plant)
* Flat-leaf parsley (plant)
* Tarragon (plant)

I even bought a 48"x48" (16 sq feet) gardening area. My dad and I are going to finish it up this coming weekend, as I'll need to buy some more garden/potting soil. The veggies are going to go in that (except for the pumpkins right now). I have to work on my plan for that this week.

I cannot wait to eat the fruits, veggies, and herbs of my labors!


Angie A said...

WOOT!!!!! :)

Daisy said...

It sounds like you have been bitten by the gardening bug! A few years back I had a nice garden, but I don't have room for one where I live now. I'd love to grow blueberries. Maybe I'll think about that one. Wishing you much success! :)