Friday, January 27, 2012

I am alive!!

In the words of the great philosopher of the 1960s, one Jerome Garcia, "What a long strange trip it's been........." especially this month. I've had some of the scariest moments of my life so far, been plagued by self-doubt more often than not, and in some moments just barely hanging in.

But life is beautiful and wonderful, and there is still so much ahead to enjoy and love. If nothing else, this month has been a lesson .... no, wait, more of a crash course .... in gratitude, in trust, in miracles, in love. And for those lessons and for the kindnesses shown to me, my heart is overflowing. It is a true delight to be able to take even a few moments and to realized just how blessed you are and how wonderful your life is.

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Reckless Love and Bold Adventure said...

...and loved. Don't forget just how loved you are. You're an amazing person and I'm proud to know you. You ARE alive and living life well. Keep on.
One love.