Thursday, March 01, 2012

March 2 - Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!

Thanks again for being understanding of the lack of blanks last week, but they're back again this week - hope you enjoy!

1.  The highlight of my week was   getting an "all clear" for a breast MRI. Make that the highlight of my year (so far).

2.   If I had to classify my interior design aesthetic it would be   early hoarder with a splash of junkyard chic  .

3.  My first vehicle was   a 1976 Caprice Classic. The Bomber. It was a tank and by God I loved that car .

4. An item I need to have in my day in order to function is  coffee. You laugh but it's true. If I don't have my morning java my day is SHOT .

5. My favorite way to waste time is   Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. old-fashioned crossword puzzles (in a book no less!).

6. Right now I could really go for   a nap that lasts for about 3 weeks   .

7.  This weekend I will be   at a minor-league hockey game on Friday night, working on Saturday morning, doing some cooking on Saturday afternoon and pretty much crashing on Sunday...... same old, same old .

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