Saturday, July 12, 2014

Do yourself a favor.....

.... and if Marc Cohn is coming anywhere near you this summer (or really, anytime), spend the money and go to his concert.

Of course, we all know "Walking in Memphis" -- I won't even talk about how awesome that was live last night -- but if that's the only song of his that you know, please hit iTunes or eMusic or Spotify or Rhapsody or any other music-streaming, music-buying source and listen or download some others. You shall not be disappointed.

After "Walking in Memphis," the next time I heard of him was actually a few years later, when I found a CD in the cutout bin. It was something called "Discovery: Pop" and I want to say this was '98 or '99-ish .... somewhere in there, maybe? Anyway, it was the last cut on the CD and it was his cover of Harry Nilsson's "Turn Up Your Radio."

Let me pause right here: if you haven't heard that song, just stop right now and go listen. I'll wait. No, really, I mean it. Go listen NOW. It is that damn good.

Told ya.

Well, that was that. Marc Cohn fan for life. He could have sung the phone book, and I would have been thrilled.

Time came and I liked the Facebook page. Saw something on there one day that said, "Greenville SC people, tell me some good places to eat while I'm there. Making my first visit to....." and I don't remember anything else. I bought my ticket the next day. I was going come hell or high water. If I had to drag myself in the midst of a migraine, by God, I was going to make that concert!

I was not disappointed in the least -- not even when he didn't sing "Turn On Your Radio" (which is still the song that just melts me). He does so many other good songs that I wouldn't have complained if he'd sung that phone book.

And you best believe I will be buying tickets for the next time he comes to Greenville.

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