Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Breathing, breathing

Tomorrow is my foot surgery. I am a jumble of emotions, but mostly ready for this to happen and for the pain in my feet to be relieved. A little nervous, a little scattered, a little anxious but overall more ready to be one step closer to better.

On the left foot, it's a bunionectomy and realignment of toes 2 & 3 to help relieve toes 4 & 5. On the right foot, as long ad I'm out cold, they'll do a cortisone injection in my heel, to work on a calcification that's developing there. If they wanted to build a perma-arch in both feet, I wouldn't object either.... Small things to keep me off my feet a while for healing and rest. Rest. Ha..... I have to work, I don't have an alternative. So I'm hoping to be back at work with assistance on Monday. That's the plan anyway. But like so many of my plans, I'm prepared for God to laugh heartily and say, "you're so cute when you plan...." So I'm also gearing up for all those baby steps that have to happen first.

Baby steps..... Essential but sooooo very hard to tolerate, especially when you've gone zero to seventy in 1.5 most of your life. But baby steps it will have to be. Literally, in this case. I have a knee walker for assistance and great advice from those who've had this and other foot surgeries (mostly consisting of, "slow your roll, luv...."). So here we go, going through a major thunderstorm so to reach the rainbow. Slow, halting, teensy steps until the storm passes..... all for a less painful, more colorful view.

In some ways, that's all any of us can ask for in any situation: to just be even one baby step closer to better.

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