Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thank God for SC DOT....

I will praise their SHEP program to high heaven. SHEP is (I think) State Highway Emergency Program. Okay, I just found out that they're no longer SHEP -- it's the DOT Incident Response Team. Whatever, they're SHEP to me.

Anyway, for TWO straight days, they have come to my rescue on I-85. Yesterday morning, I blew my right front tire. It was not a fun feeling at all -- until it actually happened, my car was shaking so badly, that I thought my car just might explode or implode (wasn't sure which). Luckily, the SHEP vehicle arrived -- without me calling -- in about 2 minutes. He happened to be patrolling, and there I was. He changed my tire (put on my spare), and away I went.

Today, I was coming back from running errands, when WHAMMO-BLAMMO!! out went the back right tire. And I don't just mean, oops it's flat, or oh-no-there-went-a-chunk. I mean the entire TREAD came off and left just the sidewalls. Again, there was SHEP in a fairly reasonable time. I didn't call, but that doesn't mean another person didn't alert the Highway Patrol (who then alerted SHEP). The guy says he happened upon my car. I sat there for about 10-15 minutes before he arrived, so that's possible. I'm just glad he showed!

I shan't complain, ever again, about our DOT. Instead, I'll be grateful for them!

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