Saturday, September 17, 2005

Attention spammers....

First a note to good friends and others who come across my blog: PLEASE comment! I cherish your thoughts, and am sorry that a bunch of azzhat fidiots are ruining the Internet for everyone. Unfortunately, because of those same cretins, I have had to put in a verification step before your comment becomes final. I hate it, but such is life.

Do NOT place comments on my blog to direct people to dating sites, how to make money, or any other "business opportunity."

I have no need for penile enlargement or any other thing dealing with erectile dysfunction. I couldn't care less about seeing hot, horny housewives, or writing for an Eastern European mail order bride. I do not want to be a medical transcriptionist or envelope stuffer from home. I could give forty craps about any other business opportunity.

Do all of us a huge favor -- go far far away from the Internet and do not return.

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