Saturday, September 17, 2005

Grab some tissues and an oxygen mask....

Because you will be laughing SO hard, you'll cry and forget to breathe!!!

Worst Album Covers
This one has some incredibly great commentary, and even after reading it a dozen times, I still crack up! AND he also has a second page (hit "next entry") and a link to yet another site. Really good stuff!

A Whole Slew of 'Em
This is a massive collection of all sorts of album covers. Some are incredibly good (dated, but even now would stand up to any CD cover work of today). Some are just godawful (with appropriate commentary provided). There's admiration for the good covers, and appropriate opposite sentiment for the not-so-good ones. This one is broken down into two main galleries, with probably 10 or 12 sections each, and I'm guessing about 30 covers in each of those sections. MASSIVE collection.

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