Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Torn between two singers

I never imagined Chris Daughtry NOT being in the final three. But he's not, and with that, I have to choose between Taylor, Katherine, and Elliott.

For starters, Katherine's out for me ..... I am just so so so so over the Mariah-Celine-Whitney-Babs soundalikes. I think she has a magnificent voice but it belongs on Broadway, not in my CD collection. If I close my eyes and listen, I don't know if she's trying to be one of the above mentioned divas or not. After a while, all those extra runs begin to sound the same. Blech and double yuck.

It comes down to Elliott and Taylor.

First is Elliott -- I love his sound to death! As someone who is a "blue-eyed soul sister" (don't believe me? ask my coworkers!) I love that old soulful sound. When I found out he'd be doing "What You Won't Do For Love" I nearly flipped -- one of my very favorite songs. No, he doesn't have the look or the personality that Chris had. But what he has is magnificent.

Then there's Taylor -- whom I also love to death! Same thing -- an old soulful sound, with a class clown personality and complete ability to have fun with himself. I got complete goosebumps listening to him sing "You Are So Beautiful" ... I mean full-on shivers.

So who gets my vote tonight?...........

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