Sunday, August 06, 2006

More MySpace follies

Well. A girl can only handle so much romance in one afternoon. In the space of just under 10 minutes, I have had FOUR e-mails from MySpace dudes.

Here's the first -- a real "prince charming":
hello am (name) 30yrs male from california,,,am very honest,loving,royaland very truthful young and single man on seeing YOUR profile am very intrested to know u more ..this is my yahoo id incase u want us to talk online (e-mail addy) and i will like to know urs so that we can start talking online or emailling each other ..bye for now hope we understand each other very well and am looking forward in getting ur reply soon
(Name) online in yahoo right now to talk with u

Well -- hot damn! I had been waiting for my prince to come along. Screw the fact that he has no clue about spelling, punctuation or grammar -- he's ROYAL!

The 2nd wasn't so much a hit-up as someone who just wrote. Someone I don't know, but probably won't respond either. E-mail #2 from him could be a real wackaloon thing.

As for the 3rd -- swoon! He writes poetry -- check out these lines:

i can fill u so much
You exist in my every breath,
in every beat of my heart,
adding a spectacular sizzle
in all the right places.
Even when I close my eyes,
I see your face and feel
the fire of your caress.
Your presence is a tangible thing...
yet as hard to grasp as the air.
I reach for you,
but you elude me.
Still, I can feel you;
the softness of a petal,
a warm wind on my cheek,
a ray in my vision,
a distant light that
ever draws me near.

He got all that from a 2 second perusal of my page. And I'm his for life. He can fill me so much and add a spectacular sizzle in all the right places. How can a girl say no?

OOPS! #4 just showed up -- one line only: "Wow u're so pretty!" So what sort of response to I give? "Yes, I know it" or maybe "Don't thank me, thank my parents..." or "Yeah, it's amazing what a good sex-change doctor can do!"

Wish to high heck that Blogger had a rolleyes emoticon right here, right now. I'd be overusing it!


Carol said...

Gotta love those MySpace admirers!!! Some days, my MySpace "in box" reads like the who's-who at a "Hooked on Phonics" convention!

Talmadge G. said...

u r so q'te

i'd like 2 c u suun

u bisie 2nite?


Talmadge G. said...

Yeah, I too have experienced the MySpace Admirer onslaught. Well, not really to the extent you describe, but I've already received two friend requests for women who obviously are seeking to connect, and are referring to me in flirtatious ways ... never mind I make it clearly obvious on said 'Space that I'm a romantic subsidiary of another company.



Seraphim9 said...

What??? You've been hit on by other women on MySpace?? What are their email addresses, I've got a thing or two to tell them! There's only room for one "internet girl" in your life and that's ME!! LOL:)

MRS. Gleck

Seraphim9 said...

No, I'm not the jealous type....why do you ask? :)