Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A real FMR moment yesterday -- and the past, revisited

I had a great weekend in the Coastal Empire with Talmadge and Seraphim. It was lots of fun, loads of laughs, good deep conversation, and complete silliness. I turned into a 7-year-old all over again, simply with one showing of Tweety & Sylvester, backed with Jabberjaw. Ahhhhh -- Jabberjaw!

Anyway, on Saturday, Tal asked me if I knew my right front tire had a screw in it. No .... no, I did not. So before I left on Monday, I stopped by their local Wally World for a tire. An hour later, I was on the road and happily heading for home. Right before dinner, my dad asked, "Did you say you got a new right front tire?" When I replied affirmatively, he said, "It's flat."

No. No. No...... Yes. Well, FMR (a phrase I use often, but I'm engaging in some self-censorship. Suffice to say the last word is "running). I had driven less than 300 miles on this tire. No way should it have done that. So this morning, I went to the local Wally and they gladly replaced it. Turns out it was definitely defective. There were two minor holes just past the tread but not to the sidewall, and the technician said there was no sign of puncture.

Back to work tomorrow -- the vacation has been fun, and I'm rested and ready to get back to work!


I actually went to Wally twice today -- I had to come back once the tire was actually on the car, so that they could do some additional checking. Okay, no problem. And it gave me a chance to do some shopping that I didn't get to do this morning.

I went to the buggy area, and got behind a lady with two sons. As I was putting my purse in the front section, I heard the phrase, "Yes, that's her -- hey (my real name)!!" It was some folks who were members of one of the churches I used to work for. I hadn't seen the boys in ages, and couldn't believe how tall they'd gotten! They're both junior high/high school age, and I remember when they were still in elementary school.

Later on, after I had checked out and was heading back to the automotive area, I saw one of the kids I used to teach in CCD (Sunday School). She has always come up to me with a huge hug, and today was no exception. I got to meet her boyfriend -- a very nice young man.

Just two seconds ago, I picked up the phone, and it was someone else from church -- sharing some fantastic wonderful news that has happened to her in the last few weeks. I am amazed that she found me -- I hadn't really talked to her since I left the office. But I am just in awe that she sought me out to tell me.

I miss seeing the people from church on a regular basis. Not that I'd change the way things are now; not in a million years. But I do miss them. It's nice to see them and catch up on things. And it humbles me that they still think so much of me.


Talmadge G. said...

One word: DoWHAAAAAAA?????????

Exactly HOW would a screw in a tire that new call for a replacement?? Haven't they heard of a PLUG? Your situation, I'd think, could've been remedied by a $5.00 fix.

That's the problem with Wal-Mart's service -- you know the people who work at Wally World; one can't imagine the auto service folk, paid the same slave-wage rate, being any different. :-/

FMR ... gotta remember that one.

I hate that for you ... but at least the bum tire didn't fail on you en route.


The weekend was wonderful, and the conversation - as always - both deep and meaningful, as well as shallow and fluffy.

Speaking of Jabberjabberjabberjabber, Jabberjabber-Jabberjaw, I'll have to bump you a copy of that 1976 cartoon tape -- you didn't catch the end of the Jabberjaw ep, which also contains a full "Schoolhouse Rock" segment, with original open/close bumpers. Just as we remember 'em. :-)


I liked reading of your other, better, Wally World experience. It truly gives hope to anyone who sometimes doesn't think karma works as well as it should. Those folks know the solidity of your character ... the truth is coming out, I'm sure.


Talmadge G. said...

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Are the blog gods trying to tell me something? Eh, lemme see if this one'll take.