Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Very blessed indeed.

It's almost Thanksgiving, and naturally I'm in a little reflective mood. Rather than a laundry list of "what I'm thankful for" that would just bore you to tears, suffice it to say that I am indeed very blessed. I have family, fantastic friends, a good job, happiness, and some measure of inner peace. I have laughter, love, and joy.

Can't beat that.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Talmadge G. said...

Blessed? Lessee....
1) Family = an awesome, yet warped best friend whom I also call "wife", an awesome (though more than he gives himself credit for), yet warped and still sometimes frustrating teenager whom I call "son." A wonderful, yet warped and sometimes frustrating set of inlaws, a wonderful, yet too-stuffy-at-times and frustrating A LOT of the time set of people whom I call "Mom" and "Dad."
2) Fantastic friends = nuff sed.
3) A good job = big time.
4) Happiness = More than I often appear on my blog, especially the more recent entries. A lot of PITAs, but nothing approaching real unhappiness.
5) Inner peace = Dunno about this one. I feel peace when I think about Seraphim. But there's enough turbluence within that my grade in this class should be "Incomplete"

Thanksgiving was, all in all, a good day. I might post about it, but let's just say I was with both of my two pillars. It was all good. I hope you and yours was, too.

--TG (NOT "Turkey Galore")