Saturday, March 10, 2007

More than a feeling....

of sadness grips me this day.

Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston, died yesterday.

I love Boston's music. Always have. As a child, the Boston LP was all over the airwaves in '76 and on into '77, but I didn't become a real fan until Third Stage -- my senior year of high school. One of my friends, pregnant at the time, named her daughter Amanda, after the song (and hard to believe Amanda just turned 20!).

They made fantastic music, and most of it was due to Delp's powerful vocals. It is hard to pick a favorite song. The whole first album is fantastic, but one of my favorite songs on there is "Let Me Take You Home Tonight." I know -- awfully dated and some of the worst pick-up dialogue short of a crowded bar. I can practically see Lounge Lizard Larry spouting those lines. But I love it for reasons which make sense to me alone (long story).

Off the 2nd album, my favorite is "A Man I'll Never Be." That song just rips me to shreds. Third Stage? Oh, don't make me pick. "Cool the Engines" is my cool-down song for my workouts. But "Cantcha Say (Still In Love)" is my very favorite. Then again, there's "We're Ready." Oh my.....

Sadly, I listened to the reviewers and didn't buy Corporate America back in '02. They said it sucked. So I didn't buy. I may change my mind in the next few days and get it (I'll listen to samples online first).

Rest in peace, Brad Delp, and may you fully know the joy you brought to so many peoples' lives.

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