Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tag. I'm it......

Ms. Kate/Susan tagged me ... and for crying out loud, it's music oriented, so you KNOW I'm there. The guidelines are: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are currently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Y'all also know I'm fairly old school when it comes to music. So some of these selections should come as no surprise at all. This is in no particular order:

1. "Dancing in the Moonlight" (King Harvest): there are a whole bunch of songs from the 70s that I think of as "summer songs." Now whether or not they were singles released during the summer or not, whenever I hear them, it's a sunny day, I'm outside playing in my yard or with Tee next door (depending on the age of the song), and it's always something sweet and nostalgic. This is one of those songs, and lately it's been one of my very favorites.

2. "Jailbreak" (Thin Lizzy): Each time this week I've worked out, I have hunted this one down and listened intently. There are plenty of other songs with similar beats, and I even have other Thin Lizzy material on the ol' MP3 player. I keep coming back to this one.... Maybe my mind is trying to tell the rest of me something.

3. "Solsbury Hill" (Peter Gabriel): One of my all-time favorites. Should be mandated music for all kindergarten classrooms, and each level thereafter. But that's just MHO......

4. "A Man I'll Never Be" (Boston): I have listened to a lot of Boston since learning of Brad Delp's death. It is now even more poignant given the circumstances of his death.
This is a song that I have loved for years, and I will for years to come.

5. "Oooh Child" (The Five Stairsteps): When I'm stressed, this is my go-to song. Stressed? Well, considering we have a visit next week from THE Big Wig, it's month-end, and I got frickin' called for jury duty --- jury duty! --- let's say yes. So this afternoon, while still on my lunch break and sitting in the sun in my car, this came on. It made the afternoon a little more bearable. This will forever be dear to my heart.

6. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Rolling Stones): This will always be on my top ten. Always. As in forever. Now, I have friends who swear that "Gimme Shelter" is not only the best Stones song ever, but the best rock-n-roll song ever. Let the record reflect: they are wrong.

7. "Leave It" (Yes): When 90125 came out, of course, as the first single, "Owner of A Lonely Heart" got a lot of attention for Yes. But this is the song I enjoy more. The a cappella opening, the scat-like doo's that follow, and the gradual building of the song to its fortissimo conclusion. It doesn't get much better than that.

Who will be next? Who are the willing victims... er, suckers ... er.... Well, anyway. Here you go.

I shall tag Talmadge (from whom I am forever learning music things; his lovely bride Seraphim; the other Master of Music, SeƱor Bolivar; Radio Vixen (who will no doubt have some interesting, not-old-school selections); my pirate-loving friend GatorShan; the queen of Bad Bunny Productions, Dr. Ballz; and my best friend (in the hopes that she'll do a blog entry just for this), Anastasia.


Talmadge G. said...

1. "Dancing in the Moonlight" (King Harvest)

Three minutes (2.54 to be exact) of pure '70s pop magic.

2. "Jailbreak" (Thin Lizzy)

Exactly four minutes of pure '70s rock magic. (note to Bolivar: ...from my COLD, DEAD FINGERS!)

3. "Solsbury Hill" (Peter Gabriel)

The classic that wasn't meant to be. Too bad a monkey had to die of electrical trauma in order to put PG on the solo map.

4. "A Man I'll Never Be" (Boston)

As underrated as it gets.

5. "Oooh Child" (The Five Stairsteps)

One of the songs of my early childhood soundtrack. The opening still takes me back to my lost paradise of Madison, Ala.

(Jury duty, eh? Fun.....)

6. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Rolling Stones)

"Gimme Shelter" is NOT the best Stones song, let alone best rock song! Best Stones song? I'm quite fond of "Sympathy for the Devil" myself, although YCAGWYW ranks up there. Phooey on those stations which played it without the choral intro.

7. "Leave It" (Yes)

Their best '80s song, bar none. I had the near-orgasmic experience of hearing it on an AM station using '60s-style reverb and "compression turned up to 11" processing. The acapella intro created a wall of sound that not even Phil Spector could've scaled.

I acknowledge my tagging and I shall reciprocate, but first I must get some sleep.....

--Talmadge "Back to Mono" Gleck

[word verification = ugtiqq ... What happens when the Georgia Bulldogs lose to the Florida Gators.]

Kate/Susan said...

Woo hoo! So glad you participated Annette :-) Can't wait to see what Mr. Gleck comes up with :-)

bolivar said...

lbafNettie - here are my comments on your songs:

1. "Dancing in the Moonlight" - KING HARVEST

Pure '70s pop magic, indeed.

2. "Jailbreak" - THIN LIZZY

You are not right, Mr. Talmadge!

3. "Solsbury Hill" - PETER GABRIEL

Aah, the story of why Pete decided to leave Genesis for greener pastures. Awesome song.

4. "A Man I'll Never Be" - BOSTON

Great song - R.I.P., Brad Delp.

5. "Oooh Child" - STAIRSTEPS

A great lost masterpiece. No one makes songs like this anymore.

6. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - ROLLING STONES

Great song - must begin and end with the choir. No exceptions.

7. "Leave It" - YES

The 90125 album is such an important part of my life - I wouldn't know where to begin talking about how much I love that album.

And there you have it...