Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm A Mama Now!!!

There's a great reason I haven't posted much --- I am now a mama! My baby is 11 months old and already at 76 pounds..... Here's Maddox the Mad Mutt!

He's a Lab/Husky mix -- looks much like a Lab, except he has that huge, furry, fluffy Husky coat. And he has more of the Husky ears -- when they're perked, they are PERKED! And at night, when he's lying down at our feet, and you look at his features, you definitely see the Husky then. He is a gentle, sweet, loving dog and also very protective. When he senses that something isn't right, he doesn't hesitate to bark or even growl. It doesn't happen often, but I'm glad it does happen!

Someone at work had him and could no longer care for him. The e-mail went out, and I went to see him at the kennel that day. That sealed the deal -- I fell in love at Minute One (so maybe there is something to love at first sight after all). I've had him a week now, and it's wonderful. It had been 20 years since we'd had a pet.

So far, we've been walking.... much slower pace than what I'm used to because Maddox is determined to be the town botanist. Every plant along the walk is something he has to sniff out. It doesn't matter that we've walked the same path 3 nights in a row. It's like he thinks, "Hey! What's this plant? Seems vaguely familiar, but I have to check it out to be certain."

Oh, and he's also Mr. Ladies Man! Several years ago, many of the regular walkers in town figured that if you went alllllll the way up Front Street to Peachtree, turn right on Peachtree for a block to Main, came alllll the way back down Main to Anderson Drive, and followed Anderson back to Front Street, it's exactly a mile. A lot of folks walk it in the evenings -- mostly other women. Well..... Mr. Ladies Man makes sure to introduce himself every time to the lovely ladies of Liberty. They come up and he's all "Hello, baby! Come on over...." I laugh my butt off! But of course, everyone loves him so far.

So that's my baby!


Talmadge G. said...

(so maybe there is something to love at first sight after all)

As I've said more than once "Love at first sight only applies to your own newborn children and ... dogs!"

And I can see why you fell. I'd have fallen, too.

There are few things more heart-wrenching than not being able to care for a pet any longer. Lucky Maddox! Give him a big hug for me.

--Talmadge "Sucker for a dog" Gleck

Kate/Susan said...

Congratulations! He's a real sweetheart. :-)

Will your next baby be Zahara?