Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Maddox's Lick With Fame

Maddox had a "lick with fame" over the weekend. We were standing in the checkout line at PetSmart. Standing behind us was one of our local anchorpersons -- wearing a polo with their station logo on it. I wasn't going to say anything like, "Oh my God it's really YOU!" because I figure they get enough of that. He was there with his daughter, and it wasn't exactly fair to either of them.

But Maddox -- dear, lovable Maddox -- didn't care either. And showed it by going over and licking his feet (he was wearing sandals). I could have croaked. But to his great credit, Mr. Anchor was rather nonchalant about it, and remarked that Maddox probably smelled his own dogs on the shoes. At which point my dog promptly begins to scratch himself......

I love him to death!!!

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Seraphim9 said...

That reminds me of a time I was in Wal-Mart with one of my friends and her toddler daughter (this was several, several years ago - said toddler is now tearing up the roads of Florida with her newly-acquired drivers' license). We were at the checkout and standing next aisle over was the hostess of our local noonday news/community talk show. Her name was Ruthie.

Well, my friend did not care much for Ruthie, couldn't stand her voice for some reason but always had it on that channel at noon to catch the newscast. Afterwards was Ruthie's part, and as soon as my friend heard Ruthie's voice she would say, "Shut up, Ruthie." and turn the channel.

So here we are standing in line at the checkout when the baby notices the familiar face and yells, "Shut up, Ruthie!" Gena and I nearly died! If she heard, she didn't let on as she appeared to be engrossed in a magazine, plus it sounded more like "Su-up Woofie" so we were possibly spared embarassment. But we sure hot-footed it out of there!