Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still got the scratchies....

Yep. Three full days of Claritin and Nasonex later, and I still have the scratchy throat. I have an awful sense of foreboding that I will be battling this all winter long. I really, truly, deeply, madly hope and pray that it goes away before Christmas and Midnight Mass. The one year that I've actually been able to practice (at least a better part of the time) with the choir ... and I would hate to miss it because I can't sing.

I think this scares me more than anything. Singing is so much a part of who I am that the idea that it can be taken away just..... I don't even want to entertain the thought. I don't want to give it any rent in my head. I will get better. I will get better. I will get better.


Mr. Maddox had himself a grand ol' time the last few days at Camp Bow Wow. Normally, I have another petsitter that I would use, but Wednesday and Thursday were going to be late nights for me anyway, so I might as well have kept him close for pickup.

Their idea is "Play All Day, Snooze The Night Away" .... and it's not just a slogan. IT WORKS! Maddox was thoroughly exhausted and pretty much slept or napped from the moment he got home. I had to take him with me to Weight Watchers the other night, and while he kind of sniffed around a little, he was far more eager to find a spot and just poop out. Even now, the day after having spent a full day playing and a full night sleeping, he is still napping!


And next on the agenda -- CHRISTMAS CARDS! I'm taking part in a card swap and I have to make some Christmas cards for it. On that note, I had best get to hopping on it and out of these PJ's. Although they are warm flannel PJ's in pink with white polar bears and snowflakes on them. Got them at KMart over the weekend for a STEAL of a price. I may just have to go buy and get myself another pair (in a different motif). These are really warm and I would love to lounge around in them all day. But I have a couple of places to go and things to do first (then get crackin' on those cards!) ......... AND I have to figure out a way to take the family Christmas pictures tomorrow afternoon before the concert. I'm going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I can't wait!!

That's all that's happening in Nettie's World. WHEW!

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