Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've been downsized....

But in a very good way.

Warning to my male readers:
this post involves the discussion of lingerie and body size, body image, etc. You've been forewarned! You're also welcome to click on the links and view the lingerie models, if that's your thing.

About 3 years ago, I found a great plus-size lingerie store in Atlanta called Silver Lining Plus. They were able to do a professional bra fitting, and put me in something to give me the illusion of a waistline (at a time when I had none). I remember buying $200 worth of bras that day, and getting the feeling that I could drive to Atlanta 2-3 times a year for some good foundations. Two weeks later, I joined Weight Watchers, and 6 months later, all those bras I bought were way too big. I made a return trip, bought a couple more, and repeated about every 6-8 months.

I was in the greater metro area last night and today, so I thought I would stop in and get at least one bra. Lately, I've been buying off the rack but it's kind of a crap shoot. You never know if it's going to fit just right, and the average retail store is not at all keen on having you try on bras! And one of the ones I'd packed has fantastic side/back support, iffy strap support, and is horrific where it counts most.

I got to Silver Lining this morning, and got in the fitting room. I explained to the salesclerk that I'd been dropping in every few months, I needed to know about my size for sure, and so forth. So she gave me a few to try on.... one of which was a cup size lower than what I usually wear, because of this particular vendor and how they construct things. When another clerk came in to assist me, she took one look and said, "Honey, I'm not taking your money today. You're at a point now that we don't carry very many bras in your size. You're in regular sizes now, so I'm going to send you to Intimacy over in Phipps Plaza. They're going to carry plenty of different designs that might be in the size you're used to now. We appreciate the business you've given us, and keep sending people our way that can use us!" They all hugged me and sent me on my way.

I just couldn't believe it. I'm now too small for them! BWAAAAH! But off to Intimacy I went. Alexa was my fitter there (so if you are in Phipps Plaza and get Alexa, you are in great hands!), and we tried on bookoo bras! The real kicker is this incredible purple bra I tried on with pink and gold accents and a little dangly jewel in the center. It was also priced at over $200. If I'm spending that much, there had better be bras, plural, in the bag. Yow. It was gorgeous, but that's a V-Day gift to me from the love of my life (wherever he may be, somewhere out there).

So I know where to go now, but I hate to leave the wonderful folks at Silver Lining behind. They are the best at what they do, and they have such beautiful clothing and lingerie!

BUT.... I also firmly believe that every woman deserves to be professionally fitted at least once in her life, if not once a year! It's worth every moment, and worth every penny to wear a well-fitting, supportive bra -- it not only lifts the girls, it lifts the spirit! Not only that, it's been documented time and again that at least 70% of women are in the wrong bra size --- no wonder our shoulders ache, our sides spill over, the girls are either swimming in too much fabric or barely constrained by not enough. Even if you don't buy the foundation there, at least you'll know what size to wear or what style to look for to meet your body's needs. Find a good foundations store near you, or a department store with a good foundations department -- for example, Nordstrom has a good reputation for proper fittings. Make the time to look your best and feel your best!

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Kelly said...

I just got to this one, and have to say congrats on the new, smaller size! I have been to Intimacy once and they are amazing there. Enjoy your new foundations!