Sunday, January 25, 2009

A word or several about clothes.

Apparently, I am running a laundry porn operation or brothel. Because there is NO other explanation for why my laundry is seeming to multiply. There's some serious bow-chicka-wow-wow going on, which is causing everything to just grow exponentially. Okay, seriously, there isn't mad passionate lovemaking amongst my cottons, linens, woolens, and denims (although that would be a bizarre idea for a comic strip). There's also my addiction to clearance sales and thrift stores, along with a HUMONGO box of jeans and other goodies that my best friend lovingly passed on to me.

The one thing for which I'm really glad is that 90% of the clothes I have fit me -- not perfectly, but they fit. What doesn't fit, I'm clearing out, mostly by recycling them to Goodwill. Now, what sizes are there? It's a range of sizes -- what one label will call a 14 might be a 10 in another label or an 18 in yet another. You just never know until you try it on. And what looks fantastic on a hanger might just look less-than-great on your own body (and perfect on someone else's).

When it comes to clothes and a sense of personal style, I cannot recommend these three books highly enough:
These are fantastic resources, and I have read, perused, and re-read them often!

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Tish Jett said...

Gosh, thank you so much for recommending our book. What a lovely surprise.

Bravo for your blog.

Best regards,
Tish (Jett)