Monday, July 30, 2012

So I'm a little late.....

The old format of Fill in the Blank Friday is back by popular demand!  Enjoy!

1.  I am   a picker, I'm a grinner...... Okay, okay: I'm a unique creation of God, living here on earth in this time and place for some greater purpose; I'm a big goofy kid at heart who loves nothing more than making people happy; I'm a music lover who lives to sing and hope people enjoy hearing my voice. I'm moody and tired, I'm suspicious and selfish, but once I have your back, you almost have to kill me for me to stop caring for you..... yeah. That's who I am   .

2.   I have always     read, always sung, always been a little standoffish, but have always believed in the best life offers    .

3.  I hope to     have people look at me and realize that what you see is only about a tenth of what you get   .

4. I can      change moods on a dime. It's a talent that a lot of people don't have. I can tie cherry stems fairly easily (not perfectly, but it can be done), and I can talk your ears off .

5. I dream of       finding a winning lottery ticket. No really, because I have already dreamed up the various ways in which I can give the money for truly worthy causes .

6. The way to my heart is     long and circuitous, with deep dark forests and big bright meadows, and worth every mile of the way for the right guy  .

7.  I am passionate about    wellness. I just wish I had been ready to begin my own path to wellness far sooner, but I truly relish talking to people about ways to live a healthier life. I am also incredibly passionate about my faith. I don't preach on street corners because I'd rather my life serve as the example. Do I fail? Daily and miserably. But still, I rise!   .


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