Tuesday, February 05, 2013

59th Street Bridge Song, revisited

The Universe is definitely trying to tell me something.

Each morning on FB, I post a quote of encouragement, or something positive, or sometimes something thought-provoking. It's a way for me to remind myself to look for the good, to think and hope for the best. So this morning, I found this Thich Nhat Hanh quote:

"For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them."

I'm not sure why, but it really spoke to me. I suppose because in my own life, I am trying to practice some patience in regards to a few things. I'm waiting to see how life will unfold in those particular situations and trying very hard not to drive the bus (so to speak).

Then, in a newsletter I get daily called "The Daily Flame from Your Inner Pilot Light" there were these words:

You may feel like if you let go of the reins, all hell will break loose, you won't get what you want, and everything will fall apart. But what you may not realize is that grabbing the reins and trying to exert control is actually sabotaging all the blessings the Universe is trying to bestow upon you. So darling, please, let go. Surrender. Trust.

Okay, so another part of the puzzle....... and then, this on FB (a graphic I had to share!):

Oh my gosh, what a lesson I am constantly learning..... I want so much to have everything in perfect place, like my life is a play or screen adaptation that I am trying to direct. I want all the angles to be just right. I want the cameras in perfect place and the sky to be the right shade of blue for all the outdoor location shots. And OMG, if the script has just the wrong word...... or an actor is having a bad hair day. And God forbid if the script isn't finished and I don't know how this scene is going to turn out -- WOOP WOOP! Freakout alert! Danger, Will Robinson!

What this "director" needs to remember is that I am not in charge. I am not the screenwriter or playwright. I am merely one cog in the wheel needed to bring the work to life. Granted, I am the one in "control" of things and my decisions will steer the project, but it is not my work. I am merely asked to make it alive and make it real. I have help -- actors, crew -- what? no craft services? (Sigh).......

But I am not the screenwriter. The work is unfinished. I do not know yet how it will end. I have hope. I have aspirations. I have dreams. And I have drive and determination to see the project through. But I have no idea when and how the playwright will come to me and say, "Hey, I have this thing for you and it's gonna be awesome, so throw away that and use this instead."

And dang if the Universe didn't send me yet another, even as I was typing this:


I know the message: slow down. I move too fast (nah. Ya think?)...... I've been running for at least the last couple of weeks with a low-grade sinus infection (hence, headaches galore). So right now, 10 days of antibiotics and hanging on for life. 

Okay, Universe. I'm ready. I'm ready to let you set the scene before I come in to direct. I'm ready to insert pages into the script. I'm trying to let go and let God. So bring it. I'm up to the task!

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