Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yoga and me

Last year, thanks to LivingSocial, I had the opportunity for 4 yoga classes at a particular studio at a reduced rate. For years, I'd heard friends rave about it, read a billion articles about it, and thought often, "You know, I really ought to....." The deal came along at a time of incredible stress in my life, and I needed something -- anything -- to try to bring some peace and calm in my life.

My plan for the rest of 2013 is to go at least twice a month, more if I can, and get my calm on. I need to do a small practice every day as well (even if just 5 or 10 minutes).

What do I get out of it -- besides a good stretch, a chance to learn balance, and better breathing? I get in touch with my soul. In the silence, the peace, the calm, I hear it speak to me of its joys, its sorrows, its unspoken fears, its deepest wants and needs. I hear it tell me that I am loved, that I am a person of worth, that I am inherently good, just as I was created to be. It points out my flaws and failings, but in the kindest way possible .... no chiding, just "hey, you really should know this, and you know you do, so...."

I hear my body tell me things -- where it hurts, where I need to direct my breathing and energy, where I need to be kinder to myself physically, where I'm succeeding wildly, where I am improving. I hear it say to me that I am stronger than I think, in so many ways. It tells me that it appreciates my efforts to improve my strength, my heart, all my capacities.

I feel my mind clear. Thoughts drift in and drift out without exploration or judgment. For me to leave a thought unexplored is very unusual for me; I'm so accustomed to follow my mental meanderings. For me to not think, "Oh why did I even ponder that?" as if everything I ponder is wrong..... Just to have a thought come in and then right back out, like "Oh sorry, wrong room...." and then to let it go its way. if it's important enough, it will come back when I'm ready to receive it.

When you can connect body, mind and soul, you have something pretty special, something pretty close to wholeness. That's why I go. That's why I am making an effort to practice this discipline even more. I hope that I can continue this re-connection for a long time!

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