Thursday, November 27, 2003

Gobble gobble gobble!

Turkey day has come and gone, and -- surprise! surprise! surprise! -- we got along without a major argument. Only one or two minor ones. I admit that I instigated one, because the broccoli casserole (which I normally make) was done differently from the usual. It's one dish I tend to pride myself on, so it made me a little miffed. Like I said, though -- minor in the grand scheme of things. And in no surprise at all, the tryptophan kicked in, and we were all snoozing before long.

In the day's shocker, the Lions beat the Packers. Don't know what's up with the Packers this season.....

What's on tap for tomorrow? Avoiding retail stores at all costs!! Instead, we're going to figure out where to put the tree this year. Last year, to my everlasting horror, my folks did not put up the regular tree (artificial... I prefer the real thing, but I'll take what I can get). Instead, they bought a 24-inch-high fiber-optic tree to put on our tabletop. It was cute, but it sure didn't seem like Christmas without the taller tree -- I mean, GEEEEZ! You couldn't decorate the other one. So tomorrow will be "hell day" of rearranging the furniture to try to make it work.

Ya know, I wish I could travel back to the 20s or 30s or whenever it was that houses like ours were designed. I'd love to bring the architect or contractor or whomever to 2003 and go, "Listen, jerkwad, here's your problem! Don't make bedrooms which connect only to the main room.....!" (we have 2 that way).

Our Lady of Migraines, pray for us.......

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