Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Willkommen, bienvenu....

"...welcome... c'mon in." -- Madeline Kahn as Lili von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles.

Well, here we are. The initial entry in my blog. Yeah, I'm behind the times compared to everyone else. I never claimed to be on the cutting-edge, anyhow...... So, what inspired me to do this now? I'd been working on a "Meanderings & Musings" page for my website for several years, but just never got around to actually finishing it. This seemed easier.

So here are my random thoughts for today:

1. Was Michael Jackson purposely trying to look like Faye Dunaway's rendition of Joan Crawford in his mug shot? And who brings a makeup artist with them? Hello!!! It's a mug shot, not a freakin' family portrait!!!

2. Why are holidays so stressful? Every year, it's the same. We have all these expectations for the perfect holiday (a la Clark Griswold) and inevitably, every year, they end up as hellish as we imagine they will be. Someone drinks too much or there's a fight over how to prepare the food or where things are going to take place. No wonder Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas from the Family" is one of my favorite Yuletide songs.... and that's coming from someone with an intact nuclear family! YIKES!

3. There was some freaky letter to the editor in our local newspaper today about how God didn't create men and women equal.... different, but not equal. I got pretty fired up about that one, let me tell you! Rants are no fun if there's no one there to hear them...... I'd write a response, but here it is in 3 simple words: "Bless his heart......" As all Southerners know, "bless (x)'s heart" is a nice way of saying, "they don't know any better" or "I'm about to really slam this person, but this makes it sound nicer." Bless his heart, indeed!!!!

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