Saturday, July 01, 2006

Been away, haven't seen you in a while...

Work's been busy, life's been busy, but it's all been good.

Apparently, this has been the week for me to be Miss Social Butterfly. Dinner last night with friends, which was so good. Katie has asked me to sing in her wedding this fall, and she needed some assistance. I was happy to help! And it was great to see Gina (Katie's mom) and my friend, Senora Dora again. Tonight, dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday. Been doing a lot of birthday or other special occasion dinners this month.

Lots of laughter and lots of tears too this month. A mixed bag. Just like life.

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Talmadge G. said...

So you're going to bless another union with your dulcet larnyx ... Katie and betrothed, I'm certain, will have a long and fruitful life together.

It's been one of those weeks over here. Seraphim's family and our two nephews are keeping the house plenty rowdy this week.

Glad you're doing well. As we are.