Monday, July 17, 2006

Monty Python and my health.

"I'm 37, I'm not old!" -- Dennis
"I'm not dead!" -- the old guy in the "Bring Out Yer Dead" scene

"I feel happy. I feel happy." Actually, I feel pooped. I did a water aerobics session at my best friend's community pool, and let me tell you .... it's NOT a sissy activity by any means. Sure, it was mostly gals (and one's husband), but it's not light or easy at all. For an hour, we kicked, jogged in place, did all manner of calisthenics, ab crunches, stretches, and so forth. Three hours later, my body is still going YIKES!

My mind right now is planning to go to the gym in the morning. We shall see what my body says at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

And if a cart came down the street with a guy yelling, "Bring out yer dead!" I might just hop on the wagon myself.

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Carol said...

So, what did your body say at 6:00 this morning?