Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scary thought

One of the local news stations reported the story of a nail salon that has seen a 75% drop in business. DHEC (Dept. of Health & Environmental Control) has been trying to discover how someone came into contact with flesh-eating bacteria. Originally it was thought to be via work done at a nail salon.

I first heard the story last week through hearsay. The person didn't say which salon but that the person had died from a pedicure. This turned out to be wrong.

But it gave me great pause. I love getting mani's and pedi's, and the salon I've normally gone to has been terribly neat to a fault. And while I know they sanitize stuff, I'm also kind of wary now. I love the first pedi of spring, and it's time for one, and now I'm wondering what to do. I know there shouldn't be public panic, according to DHEC. I also don't want to be a guinea pig and be case #whatever. And the last time I tried to update my own pedi, I ended up with an ingrown toenail and a trip to the podiatrist. No thanks, not again.......

Gotta think this one through.

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Talmadge G. said...

Ingrown toenails? Been there, done that, no pedicure necessary.

I seem to see nail salons in damn near EVERY friggin' strip center. A brand new strip opens, and often the first business to move in is a nail parlor. Are mani/pedis THAT routine and frequent with women? I honestly wonder, because I rarely see any customers in 'em.

As for flesh-eating bacteria, I wonder if this is an undercover plot by Korean honcho Kim Jong Il to attack our country without having to use any of his nukes?