Saturday, April 28, 2007

The sure signs of spring!

Warmer weather -- ah, yes, at last!!! Three weeks ago at Easter, we were freezing. Waking up to 35 degrees on a beautiful Sunday morning when it should be around 55 degrees is just cruel! But at last, we are waking to temperatures in the high 50s/low 60s, and warming up to the high 70s and even low 80s. It's a little elevated for this time, but you won't hear me complain.

The NFL Draft -- and my butt will be parked in proximity to a TV at least for the first round or so. I do get pretty peeved on Day 2, because I hate hearing the announcers go on and on and on about who got picked on Day 1. Great, but talk about them ON Day 1 and let the Day 2 guys have their moment too!

Hives -- yep, the grass pollen count is going up, and so is the skin on this little area of my left hand (right on top, too!). I have a little outbreak of mini-hives or some sort of weird skin thing. So I sit here with Benadryl cream on my hand and close at hand for the next dose.

Happy Spring!

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