Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things I Just Don't Get.

What was (person) thinking? It's a question I find that I ask myself far too often these days. And today is no exception. I have a whole list of Things I Just Don't Get.
  • There's a story in our local news about someone from my hometown arrested for sexual battery against a minor (under age 11, at that). I want to know -- what in hell makes an adult believe that being sexual with a child is okay? I mean, truly..... it's a bizarre mental twist that I will never ever understand. I know that in some cases, they cannot comprehend that they are harming a child. There are some who do and just don't give a damn, and there's a special level of hell reserved just for them. But what makes an otherwise normal person (we assume, anyway) think that it's okay to take a little 11-year-old girl to a motel room? My heart breaks for victims of sexual abuse or violence. I occasionally catch an episode of Dateline: To Catch a Predator, and I find myself wanting to go through the screen and bitchslap these people.
  • Animal cruelty is another thing I just don't get. Even before I was a pet owner, I just couldn't comprehend how someone could neglect an animal or deliberately mistreat it. Most nights at 10, I faithfully watch Animal Planet because they show a variety of "Animal Cops" from different cities -- New York, Houston, Miami, Philly, Detroit, even one from South Africa. I was speaking one day with a person from the ASPCA (they called me for a fundraising campaign), and I mentioned that I watch it all the time. He said, "WOW! You have a pretty strong constitution!" I replied, "It doesn't turn my stomach as much as break my heart and make me angry." (Of course, I signed up for this fundraising program - what did you think?) I don't get it at all --- pets are completely dependent upon us and ask for nothing but our love and care. It's hardly enough to pay back everything they give us -- love and affection, sweet kissies, a walking partner, laughter and tears, so many good things.
  • I also don't get the appeal of a lot of modern music. But that's a whole blog to itself.
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