Sunday, April 05, 2009

Oh me of little faith ....

This morning, I shared with our choir director the saga of the great Portable DVD Player search of Yesterday. She said, "Oh hang on, let me call my husband, he won one of those things and I know he'll lend it to you." Bless their precious, sweet, kind, loving hearts.

I am stopping by their house on the way out of town to borrow it. I'm taking the DVD player I bought JUST in case; I mean, you just never know.

And I got some great advice from my buddy Talmadge about connecting my DVD (just in case).

YAHOO! It's good.

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Talmadge Gleck said...

That's great news! Saves you from a journey into Wally's Lair.

(side note: the portables usually have A/V out .... if the motel TV has what my son used to call "color codes", you can play the portable through the TV.)

Good luck, safe travels, and enjoy yourself!

[verification = "subrow" That's the aisle at Fred's where you'll find their electronics. Stuff that makes Wal-Mart look like a high-end audio boutique.]