Sunday, September 30, 2012

The OTHER religion.

In the South, we have two religions: Jesus and football. (Okay, that's only half-joking).........

Today, they intermingled as I was dressing for church. You see, I am a Carolina fan. I belong to a church in Clemson. As I was deciding what to wear ..... okay, really, going through and saying, "Okay, I haven't worn that in a while. And it's clean" .... I had this thought:

Yea, though I walk into the valley of the Orange, I shall fear no evil, for I have clad myself in garnet and black. Thy spur and thy vicious rendition of "Sandstorm" shall comfort me, and verily, thou dost prepare a table before me in the midst of those who are not enemies but who pull for the other team.

Now, those of you who are Not From Here may be thinking, "What melodrama!" Obviously that means one thing: You. Are. Not. From. Here. Iron Bowl. Egg Bowl. Gator-'Nole Battle. Now, we have our conference rivalries and those mean a lot. But so too those in-state rivalries. And this one has great capacity for ugliness. Remember the brawl when CU won 63-17 and both teams, while bowl-eligible, got to enjoy them from the comfy couch instead of the sidelines? Yeah.

Hallelujah and pass me the cheetos. Sunday is church day, but I worship on Saturdays too. :)

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