Friday, December 19, 2003

Ask and you shall receive...

Here I was this morning, grumbling about a jolted start to my morning, still feeling unappreciated and very "unspiritual" about Christmas..... and lo and behold, I got *such* a boost from someone that I barely know. One of our parishioners called. She is a sweet lady, and I know her by sight (and she knows me by sight), but we don't really know each other well. She needed information, was almost apologetic for even having to ask. It was an easy task, and the information was literally right at my fingertips. Right after we finished the conversation and hung up, she called back to tell me how nice I was everytime she had to call the office, and how she wished all offices had someone like me. I nearly cried, I was so moved.

Then this afternoon, we received the Christmas note from my cousin -- who REALLY should consider getting her essays published, she is SO gifted! I cried reading that one, too -- just very incredibly spiritual and another much-needed boost.

And on top of that, I was at last able to finalize plans for our family's mid-January gathering. I'm so boosted about everything coming together that I am going to sit down and send out my Christmas cards tonight (nothing like the last minute, huh???).

Amazing how things can somehow click together -- thanks God!!

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