Sunday, December 07, 2003

Fidiots at the Holiday Fair

I was going to post this yesterday, but was way too wiped out for it!! Yesterday was our local Holiday Fair -- tons of artisans and handcrafters plying their wares. Most of the wares were pretty neat; a few repetitions, but some really good things and some originals.

Here are some observations from yesterday's to-do:

1. Whatever happened to manners????? I saw more cut-offs yesterday than I've seen on the freeways and interstates for years! I think I said "Excuse me" or "I'm sorry" or other polite comments more often than they were ever said back to me. The most blatant example of this rampant rudeness: At an exhibit for a food product, this one lady cut in front of me several times! There were multiple flavors available, and she was sampling them all. She even glared at me -- guess she thought I was weaseling in on her path to the goodies. Worse, she actually looked a lot like someone who is one of the sweetest women in the world, and I suppose I was thinking that she would behave like this woman too (HA!). In addition, she was making comments about the products. Not necessarily rude comments, more just her observations on them along the lines of "Oh, this stuff is nasty!" (I was sampling the same product and actually thought it quite tasty). Now I'm the type who, if I thought a product was tacky or not to my standards, would not say something about it in front of the vendor.... I simply wouldn't buy, but just walk away. Or if I felt the pressing need to say something about it, I'd at least wait until the vendor was out of earshot. What is it with the lack of manners these days? Conventional wisdom says that today's youth are rude, but based on yesterday's displays, the younger generations were far more well-mannered than this person (several years older than me). I think it goes back to one's upbringing.... children who were raised with parents who taught them good manners and to be respectful of others generally grow up to be respectful, mannered adults.

2. Shuttles and trolleys to the parking areas would have been greatly appreciated! Not so much because the parking was out in BFE, but because it was so darn COLD, with a horrid wind! Even if the shuttle would have just gone to the entrance of the airport lot, that would have been fine. It would have been worth even another dollar or so for the ride! In the past, vendors have parked in the outer lots and left the inner lots for the shoppers. This year, it was reversed. I'm not sure that was such a great decision, but I'm not in charge either.

Okay, enough kvetching for today....... :-)

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