Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Inquiring minds wanna know...

Just a thought from the drive home..... Churches ought to be held to some sort of conventional naming standard such as (Phrase or Word 1) (Denominational Affiliation) Church. Like St. John's Catholic Church, Evening Shade United Methodist Church, Timbuktoo First Presbyterian Church, or even Route 44 Baptist Church.

Nondenominational? Say so. I'd much rather see "Rosewood Non-Denomational Church" instead of "Rosewood House of Worship Center." By calling it a "worship center" instead of a "church" that's supposed to be more attractive?

This one takes the cake! It's not the actual name of the church I pass sometimes on the way home, because I truly wouldn't want to embarrass them.... but it's dang close: Yahweh's Flock, Joy, Peace, Love and Deliverance Temple of the Lord. What the flip? The first thing I'd wonder is "What the heck kind of church is that? If I went there, would I be able to be the first one out the exit doors when they bring out the serpents?"

Look, just call yourself "Cooterville First Church of the Snake Handlers." That I can handle! GEEZ people!

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