Monday, July 18, 2005

One foot on the brake, and one on the gas....

Okay, this post was inspired by a jam-up Jag I saw today. BEAUTIFUL deep red, and I only got a momentary look at it, but I bet it was awesome. Unfortunately, the person who was driving it was going 50 in a 55, in the passing lane.

I wanted to say, "Lady, if I had a Jag like that, and simply wanted to show it off to say to others, 'Oh, look! I have a Jag!' then I'd put it in my garage and charge admission. If you're gonna have a performance vehicle out on the highway, then by God, make it perform!!!!"

But then again, it wasn't just the Jag. It was practically every freakin' vehicle between work and home, from the Interstate, on through my exit off a US highway..... GRRRRRR!

Rush hour? HA!

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