Thursday, November 10, 2005

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

These are in no particular order......

10. I have never traveled outside the US. And outside a trip to Colorado, I've never been outside the Southeast.

9. While I am most familiar and knowledgeable about classic rock, I listen to all genres across the board -- except for three. I do not listen to speed/thrash/death metal, or to gangsta rap (heck, to most rap, for that matter), or Southern/country gospel music. No thanks to all three.

8. If I could go back and visit a period of time, I'd like to visit the late 50s/early 60s. I would be a Rat Pack hanger-on/wannabe something bad. Totally into their music and Space Age stuff, with a Tiki lounge in my cool apartment in NYC, and working as an architect or designer. If you want an idea of the mood of this, think "Blast from the Past" set to Donald Fagen's "New Frontier." I think it would just be the coolest thing ever.

7. I took Calculus II my first semester in college. I should note that I hate math. I scored a "4" on my AP test in high school, which gave me 4 credits. I needed 6 in math, so I had to take one more math course. I decided to get it over with as soon as I could, while it was all still fresh. I haven't done math any more complicated than basic 8th-grade algebra since December 1987. As you can tell, I'm just heartbroken over that.......

6. Speaking of college, I don't actually have a degree. I have approximately 81 hours toward my degree, but I bet I've lost all my credits by now. Crud.

5. Short of woodburning and knitting, I have probably done at least some of every handicraft known to man. I have done crocheting -- made a fish-shaped thing that ended up as a trivet. I have painted wooden figures. I have cross-stitched. I have (and still do) scrapbooking. Again, I've attempted them all. Okay, not model cars, but those never interested me anyway.

4. I have been reading since around age 2. My parents have no idea how I picked it up, just that I did. By age 5, I could read the newspaper and books from the "older youth" section of the library. I've had my nose in a book (so to speak) ever since.

3. I have no concept of stage fright. Never have. No fear of public speaking, no fear of being a ham, even no fear of getting up and making a fool of myself. None at all. How did this happen? When I was 3 years old, somehow I ended up with the responsibility for Scripture reading on "Youth Day." I learned that day that I had nothing to fear from being in front of people. And I also remember going away feeling that I'd done something very unusual, but wasn't sure what it was.

2. I have always wanted to be a redhead. But it's gotta be the right shade of red. So right now, I do red highlights. But I want actual red hair. Oh well......

1. I crank the car up to 11 every time "Highway to Hell" comes on.......


bolivar said...

"Hey mama / look at me / I'm on my way to the promised land..."

Crank it up, nettie!! Crank it! Crank it!



nettiemac said...

Damn straight, Bolivar!