Friday, November 25, 2005

From a turkey coma to the Dark Side....

To quote Adam Sandler, "Oh, I love turkey on Thanksgiving!!!" MMMM!! Thanksgiving dinner was awesome this year. My parents -- whose dressing is fabulous anyway you cook it -- made it even better this year, adding chopped apple and toasted pecans to it. Oh My God!!!! Divine. And naturally, the tryptophan kicked in as it should and we all fell asleep as usual during the football game. The turkey coma is alive and well!

Today, I have officially crossed to the Dark Side. Yes, 'tis a sad day: I have turned on the holiday channel on XM. God help me. I mean, I love holiday music -- truly! Okay, there are a few songs I despise, but 98% of them are good and I love them. But I just HATE having Christmas music shoved down my throat as soon as the Halloween candy is passed out. So I have done my best to avoid listening to them before now. I'd catch myself occasionally singing a line or two from one, and react in complete horror! I still think it's a little too early.

When I was a kid, holiday music was slowly phased in along with the regular music -- and as Christmas got closer, more music. Then on Christmas Eve, they'd play ALLLLLLL Christmas music and again on Christmas Day. That was cool. But these days, it's just a full-on all-out assault!

I guess it's a scheme worked up between retailers and radio -- "Hey radio man, if you start playing Christmas music early, we win, you win, it's all good baby!" -- to get my butt in the store and buying. But all it makes me want to do is stay inside and away from the Christmas music that permeates the malls and stores and holiday stuff crammed down my throat: BUY BUY BUY! You are a Bolshevik weenie if you do not!

If that's the case, I'll proudly wear the banner of "Bolshevik weenie." I am proud to say that for the last 5 years or so (maybe longer) I have not bought one Christmas present at the mall. For my family and friends, I can get everything I need elsewhere -- a few stand-alone big box stores, and a few local shops. It works and it's good!

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