Sunday, March 05, 2006

Funny silliness -- and Mercury retrograde.

Now to some, that may sound like some silly junk. But it never fails that when Mercury is retrograde, weird crap happens. This past week has just been one freaky thing after another. The toner stuff, a medical issue, and probably a few other things heading my way. But it's also not going to stop me from living my life just as I normally do -- which brings us to the funny silliness!

Yesterday, I met Stacey and Princess Reeb for a mani/pedi day (okay, I just did a manicure, because surprisingly enough, my feet were in decent shape). The salon I go to with them usually has a "greatest hits" kind of music playing, all not done by the original artists. Rather inoffensive to most listeners, and even I can overlook it a bit.

I was sitting there waiting on my manicurist to come over -- and suddenly, "Una Paloma Blanca" comes on. I swear, all I could think of was Eddie Murphy's Buh-Weet singing, "Oona Panoona Banca" (from Buh-Weet Sings). It was all I could do not to guffaw out loud -- and I was good and held it in check. But we surely did comment on it later!

Later on, I was talking with Princess Reeb about Lent -- she commented that she had given up fighting with her brother for Lent. Last year, when it was time for her first confession, she came out of the confessional and after saying her penance, went back to the car with her family. The Boy (as we call him) came over to her side of the car, and like most younger brothers, immediately began to find a way to needle her into something. She turned to him and said, "You will have to go to the other side of the car to get in. I have to go and sin no more..." So I asked her how she was doing with going and sinning no more.... "I'm tryyyyyying!" she says. Gotta admit, it's hard enough to do, whether you're 9, 36, or 90! And of course, "I'm tryyyyyying!" brought just as much laughter as "I have to go and sin no more" did!

You just have to love days when silliness reigns supreme!

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Talmadge G. said...

Y'know, come to think of it, toner powder DOES resemble ashes...

I completely agree that "Una Paloma Blanca" as covered by Buckwheat is by far the best version. Better than Slimbo and better than The George Baker Selection (#26, 1975).

Funny you should mention UPB; Seraphim and I made some good jokes about the song as we were passing through a town called Ola, Arkansas.

We've returned to our fair abode - got back here at exactly midnight. We had a fantastic time, and I'll be elaborating on it very soon ... but of course there's lots to catch up on elsewhere.

-Talmadge "Vacationum Postpartum" Gleck