Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I know y'all are tired of.....

hearing my dog stories, but please indulge me!

Maddox is a one-man MASH unit -- for his pet mama! I have sustained several injuries, all non-life-threatening, but awfully pride-wounding. There's a blister just underneath a callus on my foot (read: hurts like hell!); I tripped over his feet and landed on the sidewalk, scraping my legs and gouging a nice little chunk out of my right hand (just at the point where it hits the mousepad!); and just Sunday, I got what could have been a much worse leash cut/burn, when he saw a cute little girl dog .... fat lot of good it does his neutered self, though! Oh well -- I am sure every pet parent has the same stories!

Maddox and I have started walking in the mornings instead. It's way cooler at 6:00 AM than it is at 8:00 PM. We usually go at least 40 minutes, and I strive for an hour. That usually gets us 1.35 miles (for the short walk) and right at 2 miles on the long walk. My pace isn't quite what it was on the treadmill -- but then again, I also was ready to hop off that after 30 minutes. I'm going longer times and enjoying every moment. And I have my Little Buddy by my side.

Speaking of Little Buddy, he is a one-dog squirrel patrol ..... there are a couple of places along the walk where he knows the squirrels have a tendency to hang out. His little ears will perk up, and he almost leaps with happiness. He gives me this look that says, "Oh Mommy-lady, pleeeeeeeease let me cross the street. Pleeeeeeease!!! I can catch them, pleeeease!" (Note: the "street" is actually a fairly busy state highway through town). I'm going to have a bandanna made that says "Squirrel Patrol"!

Life is pretty good right now, so I'll sign off for the time being.

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Seraphim9 said...

Poor Nettie! Don't worry, after a while hopefully you will learn to zig when Maddox zags!

After 12 years of Puddy, I have countless injuries on her behalf. I have a scar on my right hand (faint, now, after so many years )where she scratched me with her tiny little puppy claws. I have tripped over her countless times. I'm convinced she's one of the reasons why my knees are in such great shape!

Yeah, I even got the leash burn on the back of me leg, right in the crease of the knee. I really didn't feel it so much the night I got it, as we had been hitting the tequila bottle pretty hard. It was one of those, "Darn, I've had 8 shots already and don't feel a thing...." And then I stood up. And, as usual for Puddy, she has to go potty at the most inopportune times! She didn't think I was moving fast enough for her and she went around me and then past me, winding out the leash as she went along. OW!

But the next day, whoa Nellie it hurt like a mofo!

And then there was the time I had to dig gravel and little glass slivers out of my feet because I had to chase after her barefooted after she escaped from my apartment AFTER DARK. I truly thought I would never see her again and started back to my apartment. Then I saw her sitting on the sidewalk across the street from me, looking at me like, "What took you so long to catch up?" Sheesh!