Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just for Stoney.....

Tonight, there's gonna be a jailbreak
Somewhere in this town.....

Okay, that part was for Stoney. :-D

Yep, we had a prison break right in my very own house.

Prisoner #060106, a/k/a Maddox the Mad Mutt, sneaked out as an older female warden was rolling the garbage bin back into the exercise yard. Luckily the youngest warden of the clan was there to assist.

The prisoner made it no further than a block and a half up the street, at which point, Young Warden yelled out, "Dammit Maddox, get over here. Come here! HERE! HERE!" Maddox, sensing his doom, caved in returned to the guard, who was able to collar him (literally) and return him to his rather spacious cell. I have since learned that he yelled it so loudly that a neighbor a block away heard him. He said Maddox sort of looked at him like, "Oh. OH! You are being serious, huh? Okay....." and then came back.

Fred the Dachshund is said to be baking him a cake with a file. And rumor has it that Maia the Husky was giving him breakout tips over a purloined cell phone. Fred, thanks for the cake, but Big Mama is confiscating the file.... and her phone!!!


Talmadge Gleck said...

* Talmadge starts imitating the guitar hook from "Jailbreak" *

(can't resist rubbing it in, hee hee)

Puddy used to like to "go over the fence", but in her old age I think she's too scared.

(word verification = "qhsymn" ... that's what you'll hear Sunday mornings on "The Double Q")

Stacey Sparks-Lazurek said...

I'm going to start sleeping with my cell phone under my pillow so Maia--and the other Huskies--won't call Maddox and other dogs and giving them advice to misbehave!